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Welcome to Bookwyrm.Tech, a cozy home in the fediverse for your library. This Bookwyrm instance is for the technically minded. Whether you are a programmer, hacker, blogger, or gamer, you can find a home here. Don't be shy about cataloging and sharing non-technical books. We all need a good fiction book from time to time.

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Code of Conduct

We invite and encourage everybody to express their opinions on relevant topics. All participants should feel at ease to do so without fearing any form of attack, reprisal, or harassment. We ask everybody to be respectful and considerate towards each other, especially when attempting to provide constructive criticism.

To foster tolerance, respect, and hospitality in our community, we agree not to engage in discriminatory, disparaging, or offensive speech or actions, including as to (but not limited to) gender, sexuality, race, nationality, religion, or profession. We are a community of many different nationalities and backgrounds, and we cherish our strength in diversity.

All the following rules must be followed. Rules adopted from the United Federation of Instances (UFoI) Code of Ethics.

  1. No hate speech, We define hate speech as any kind of communication in speech, writing or behavior, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a protected characteristic, in other words, based on their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, religion, nationality, sex or sexuality.
  2. No Calls to violence. Any individual promoting violence towards any person or group.
  3. Intentionally creating an account to circumvent people blocking. This includes creating an account on a separate instance with the intent of circumventing a ban.
  4. No harassment. If a user explicitly asks you to disengage and you do not, explicit calls to dogpile will not be acceptable.
  5. All bots must respect the #nobot tag and must post unlisted.
  6. Posts intended for commercial advertisement purposes must be posted with the #ad tag or unlisted.
  7. All posts including nudity must require a content warning (CW), be unlisted, or have its media marked as sensitive. For the purposes of this document, nudity will be defined as any state of nudity that involved a lewd exhibition or graphic focus on the genitals, as well as scenes that represent any sexual acts. Topless depictions of people are exempt from this definition and will not be considered nudity.