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Recent Books

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 (Paperback, 2012, Addison-Wesley) 5 stars

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1

by ,

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1, Second Edition,is a detailed and visual guide to today’s TCP/IP protocol suite. Fully updated for the newest innovations, it demonstrates each protocol in action through realistic examples from modern Linux, Windows, and Mac OS environments. There’s no better way to discover why TCP/IP works as it …

Linux System Programming (Paperback, 2013, O'Reilly Media) 3 stars

Linux System Programming


This book is about writing software that makes the most effective use of the system you're running on -- code that interfaces directly with the kernel and core system libraries, including the shell, text editor, compiler, debugger, core utilities, and system daemons. The majority of both Unix and Linux code …